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High Quality Affordable Wendy houses and Nutec Homes

Welcome to AS Homes

Get your Wendy house or Nutec house built by professional, reliable, qualified experts using quality materials without stretching your budget too far.
Wendy Houses

We build high quality, low cost traditional pine clad Wendy houses for residential or commercial applications. From simple garden sheds to fully finished homes.

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Nutec Wendy Houses

Long lasting, hard wearing, resistant to rot and pests- Nutec or fiber cement boards are the modern way to build strong, long lasting, economic structures. Our team are experts in applying it to any situation.

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Need some extra space in your home? Timber framed additions are becoming very popular ways to extend your home in Cape Town. Be it an extension or an extra floor.

We make your building dreams a reality.

Quality Materials

You get a superior Wendy house because we only use quality materials, sourced at the most competitive prices from reputable suppliers. We start with the best because that’s how you get the best.

wooden wendy houses

Professional Installation

You want a quality Wendy house that you can trust will be giving good service to you for years to come. Our team of professional installers and qualified tradesmen ensure this happen.

wendy house interior

Superior Finish

We have a team of professional craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their work. We will build you a Wendy house you are proud to call your home. A superior quality finish is assured.

installed wendy house interior


Our team of full time professional tradesmen with many years of experience in their fields ensure that your Wendy house or Nutec home is built to the highest standards.

Certified electrical installations by fully qualified professional electricians.


Feel safe and secure knowing that all the work we do is done to SABS standards and complies with local building regulations. All plumbing and electrical work is certified.

Certified electrical installations by fully qualified professional electricians.


We are professionals who take pride in our work. Our aim is to be on time, on budget, and above expectations. You can rely on us to provide a superior Wendy house with no fuss.

Professionally installed dry walling, and skimming.


And to ensure that its all more than just words, we fully guarantee all the work we do, so you have peace of mind that if something does go wrong we are there to put it right again.

Professionally installed dry walling, and skimming.

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Every Wendy house we build we are committed to being on time, on budget, and deliver a unit that is to a standard you deserve.

Building a quality Wendy house should not be stressful for you. We make it easy for you to make this big investment by being fully professional at every stage and delivering results every time at a price you can afford.

Get real quality and value, save yourself time and energy. Put your Wendy house or Nutec home build in the hands of professionals who give high quality at affordable rates.

It’s simple, we delivering real value, with real quality, on time and on budget.